Is the Us going to pull from NAFTA ? and executive order is considered by President Trump

Is the Us going to pull from NAFTA ? and executive order is considered by President Trump

There is a good chance that President Donald Trump is going to sign an executive order, that will formally withdraw the United States from the Treaty on the North American Free Trade Agreement. According to a senior administration official, this move will start to pave the way for a renewal of the agreement with Canada and Mexico to meet one of Mr. Trump's key campaign promises.

The order is submitted to be reviewed by the appropriate teams in the white house and could be signed in the oncoming days. 
Being one of the largest trade agreements in the world, it was originally signed in 1994 by Bill Clinton, and it will allow free trade among the three countries in North America.

Mr.Trump spoke recently in Wisconsin,the president said that the agreement was ''very, very bad for our company and for of our employees, and we'll make some great changes or dispose of oil once and for all''. 

It was confirmed in the white house that Peter Navarro, Head of the National Trade Council, Drafted the bill with Trump Strategist Steve Bannon.
Certainly not the first time of Mr. Trump's foray into withdrawing the United States from major trade agreements. Early in his term, he took the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership or in short terms TPP, which at the time was nearly close to being fully approved among the 12 nations participating in it.The President also cause a rift with Canada aside from Nafta. Canada lowered the price of its domestic milk, making the Canadian milk more advantageous regarding money and more competitive in the market. According to Mr. Trump, this puts the US dairy farmers at a disadvantage in their current market.

So in response, Mr. Trump has imposed a new tariff on softwood lumber, to be more precise lumber coming from Canada to the United States.For several years legal disputes were fought over export and import of lumber at the Us Department of Commerce. The already shaky relationship with Mexico caused by the withdrawal from Nafta is becoming even more strained  by Mr. Trump by consistently promising his base of support that he will, in fact, build a nearly 2,000-mile border wall 

Source: independent