Big public support for the new order ‘Buy American’ and ‘Hire American’

Big public support for the new order 'Buy American' and 'Hire American'
The current president of the United States Donal Trump has signed and executive order ''Buy American, Hire American '' at a factory in Kenosha, on April 18.

So far it has received an overwhelming public support, as seen in the Rasmussen Reports poll which was taken from April 19 to April 20. Seventy-two percent of likely voters approve of Mr. Trump's executive order, fifteen percents of respondents have stated that they are opposed, and thirteen percent were ''not sure.'' 
The Rasmussen poll also showed that there was a recognition and the cost may rise for Americans.

1000 likely voters were asked ''will it cost taxpayers more, less the same for the federal government to buy American and hire American''. Forty-two percent said the policy would likely cost more, Thirty-nice percents said the cost would be stable, fifteen percent said costs would go down.

Trump's policy got the weakest support from professionals and wealthy people. Only 60 percent of people with a professional degree and 66% of people that earn more than $ 200,000, support Trump's policy about American politics.