Theresa May suggests she can make Liverpool-style comeback in Europe


Theresa May suggests she can make Liverpool-style comeback in Europe

Many critics pointed out that the Liverpool manager described Brexit as a mistake.

Theresa May was met with derision on social media after she compared her efforts to secure a deal on Brexit with Liverpool FC’s odds-defying victory in the Champions League.

The topic was raised when Jeremy Corbyn told the Prime Minister she could take tips from Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, after his team’s stunning comeback at Anfield to defeat Barcelona 4-3 on aggregate, having trailed 3-0 after the first leg.

“In view of the amazing performance of Liverpool last night, perhaps the Prime Minister could take some tips from Jurgen Klopp on how to get a good result in Europe,” the Labour leader said during Prime Minister’s Questions.

Mrs May replied: “I actually think that when we look at the Liverpool win over Barcelona last night, what it shows is that when everyone says it’s all over, that your European opposition have got you beat, the clock is ticking down, it’s time to concede defeat, actually we can still secure success if everyone comes together.”

Some on Twitter suggested the comparison with Brexit was ironic as Liverpool’s victory means they remain in the European competition, playing in the Champions League final on June 1.

“Absolutely fine for Theresa May to compare herself to Liverpool as long as she remembers that Liverpool have stayed in Europe,” tweeted comedian David Schneider.

Educational YouTuber Brady Haran seemed to agree, saying Liverpool’s “mighty scrap to stay in Europe” was “perhaps not the best bandwagon to be jumping on.”

Others pointed out that Klopp, from Germany, has said he wants the UK to stay in the EU, telling Channel 4 News in 2018 Brexit “is not the solution” and calling for a second referendum.

It was also noted that the city of Liverpool voted by 58% to remain in the 2016 referendum.

“Theresa May compares herself to Liverpool,” tweeted @Redpeter99.


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“A club whose foundations were built by a socialist and whose present team is managed by a Europhile in a city that strongly voted Remain.

“Yeah, right.”

Former Downing Street press secretary Alastair Campbell tweeted: “Someone in Number 10 actually suggested @theresa_may should try to channel Jurgen Klopp …”

It is not the first time a Prime Minister has been mocked after discussing football, with David Cameron appearing to confuse Aston Villa with fellow claret-wearing club West Ham when talking about the beautiful game in 2015.

Mr Cameron, a Villa fan, said: “This a country where…you can support Man Utd, the Windies and Team GB all at the same time.

“Of course, I’d rather you supported West Ham.”

When asked about his mistake he later said he “must have been overcome by something”.

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